Targeted, slow-paced massage therapy for the mindful client.

Regarding COVID-19 and your safety

The Adagio staff is fully vaccinated, and clients who are also fully vaccinated may receive services without wearing a mask. Masks are still required for both staff and client when the client is not yet fully vaccinated. The past year has been tough for all of us, and we are ready to help you work through body issues that have resulted from extra stress, illness, and ergonomic challenges. Now more than ever, we need the healing power of touch!

Adagio services

We offer massage therapy that is custom tailored to each client. Style, music, temperature, pressure, and pacing are all critical to achieve the best possible treatment, but most massage studios use a cookie cutter approach. At Adagio, we value the client’s experience and results above all else. Each session begins and ends with a conversation about needs, comfort levels, and desired outcomes. We succeed when our clients are able to fully relax into a healing space.

60 Minutes

In Studio Massage Therapy
$ 85
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90 Minutes

In Studio Massage Therapy
$ 125
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120 Minutes

In Studio Massage Therapy
$ 160
  • Booking is through square

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Why Adagio?

Adagio Healing Massage Therapy offers slow-paced, mindful massage treatment with the goal of bringing about restoration and healing. During the quest for a business name, I wanted to find a unique phrase to convey our approach to massage. Adagio is a tempo marking in music, indicating a slow and measured pace. Embracing slowness in our fast-paced world is a crucial step to allow for relaxation. But beyond relaxation, we want our clients to reach a place of healing and restoration.

Adagio also, quite literally, refers to the type of music used during treatment. We use custom designed speakers to fill the room with sound. Our playlists are carefully curated to compliment the pacing of the massage and encourage emotional balance. Musical style and volume can be altered according to the needs and preferences of each client.

Trauma can change the body in an instant, whether physical or emotional. But healing usually comes at a glacial pace. Adagio Healing Massage Therapy endeavors to provide the perfect environment for your body’s journey to restoration.

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